Below, we answer common questions/anticipated questions, and comments! Let's go!

Q: Why is the page called "FAQ/AFAQ"?
A: FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions, AFAQ is the same thing but with the word "Anticipated" before it. Because a proactive approach to questions helps just as much as reactionary.

Q: Can I use a different case for a build?
A: Of course! Just let us know via the contact page and we'll set up a custom order using the case from one build and the parts of another! If there are any compatibility issues, we'll let you know once we look into it

Q: I noticed an issue with a build's parts (e.g. a new part came out that outperforms what we have at the same/lower cost) or the word usage/spelling/grammar on a page.
A: Tell us! We'll give you a coupon to the store!

Q: Can I build a PC to save some money?
A: Sure, but if you don't want to build a PC or you don't know how to, or you don't want to accidentally injure yourself by some rare chance, or if you don't want to purchase parts as a first-time builder and find out the RAM is incompatible with your system (like my first build, found out an MSI motherboard did not work with G. Skill's RAM but worked with Kingston's. Both were DDR4), then best have it built and shipped to you. We try giving a reasonable price for your builds. That being said, more expensive builds will cost more, since there is either more time or more weight (keep in mind shipping, while free for the buyer, is not free for us, and the total price covers transit from us to you).

Q: Who do you ship through?
A: USPS. We also package your product well, so there should not be any issue upon receiving your item. If there is any problem, it means USPS decided to throw the box through a woodchipper.

Q: How long does it take to get my product?
A: Not too long. It takes a few days to get the parts and assemble them, then about a week or less to ship it to the address you provided. In total, plan a maximum of two weeks, assuming you live on the other side of the USA. The best timing would be 3-6 day shipping being the same price as one week shipping, and you live close by and you get the tower in under a full week. But don't plan for that as it likely won't happen. Give yourself a couple of weeks and a few days just to be safe. We'll also give you a tracking number so you can check it out and watch your tower come your way!

Q: Do you overclock your CPUs and GPUs?
A: Not typically. There usually is not that much of a performance boost in overclocking and it heats your product up faster, potentially shortening its lifespan. And once dust builds up in your tower (assuming you don't take off the side panel and blow compressed air into the case to clear it out), the GPU can choke up when overclocked and throttle, eventually dying on you. So for longevity reasons, we don't overclock. A light overclocking on the CPU might be done if needed and if proper cooling is used. But water cooling a CPU, for example, is much easier than water cooling a GPU (as well as cheaper). So for this reason, we might just OC a processor lightly instead of a graphics card. If you need overclocking badly, you likely also know how to do it, so we leave that to the customer so they can OC as they please.

Q: Some of the comments say you're overcharging for your products?
A: See below!


C: You're overcharging for your desktops! I can build them at a fraction of the cost!
A: Then build your own. We're driven to delivering high-grade towers with powerful capabilities at a reasonable cost. We base our cost on the best parts for each item. For instance, if there are graphics cards for $300-$400, we will use the $400 card in our pricing, but choose whichever part at or under $400 fits the cooling and performance of the most expensive card. We WILL NOT choose a 3GB GTX 1060 when we specify 6GB. But if Zotac offers two 80mm fans and 1400MHz for $250 and EVGA offers the same thing but for $300, we'll use the $300 card in pricing but use the Zotac item, unless the color sticks out like a sore thumb. This is NOT to rip customers off, but to ensure the price does not jump up if a card sells out. For example, if a build is $1500 and uses the Zotac card, but it goes out of stock, then we'll have to increase the price of the build to $1600 to use a similar graphics card that costs $90 more (sales tax would be an extra $7 or so, and that's accounted for in the pricing). So to avoid visiting the site one day and seeing, for example, Ragnarok at $2800 and then the next day it's $2900 and you can't buy it yet, we decided on a fixed price that RARELY will change unless a new part comes out that performs even better than before. This is how we've come to the price tag on all parts.

C: But I've seen the commenter post all the parts and he/she says it is cheaper than you're advertising!
A: All the parts? We've noticed when people list similar desktops that work just as well at a lower cost, they tend to forget to include the RAM, power supply, case, and sometimes even the graphics card or CPU. They also don't take into account shipping costs. We'd lower the prices by about $30 or so if shipping was a free national service, but it isn't. If you think we're charging too much, we'll make a list of the parts, their price tags, give you pictures as proof of the price tag, tell you what we're charging for service, tell you the $25-35 (or more) shipping is free (Omnipotence is probably like $150 shipping due to its weight), and also point out that the price tag comes with the operating system (typically Windows 10), fully licensed and registered, all updates installed, drivers installed and fully updated, chipsets updated, and (if possible) the BIOS and firmware updated.

C: Some builds are fair, others are overpriced...
A: The tax on items is kinda high. Considering Amazon has the fastest shipping (and also usually the best prices for repackaged items, which are still, use-wise, brand new), we may have to end up buying the parts brand-new if repackaged (not used, just repackaged or damaged packaging) is not available. This also adds on tax. Go ahead, try putting in a $1000 build on Amazon and watch as the tax adds in about $70. That's also accounted for in pricing.