Dwarven Custom Specialty Computers aims at giving customers high-grade and powerful computers that use only the best parts at the best price. Sure, it sounds cliché, but it is true. From military-grade motherboards that the pentagon uses to storage drives that put everyone in your zip code to shame, liquid-cooled processors, liquid-cooled graphics cards, LED RAM, custom wallpapers in HD that are awesome, and even multimedia drives for SD cards! Your PC, your way! All desktops are assembled by hand, tested, then shipped once ready! We don't ship keyboards or mice, just the tower (with all the parts already assembled and ready to go), and the power cord so you can plug it in. Keyboards, mice, speakers, and monitors are up to the customer to buy, but we can help recommend you good products based on your needs!

At the top of the page, you can effortlessly contact us. The CEO of DCSC will get back to you when he is not asleep or busy assassinating dragons on Skyrim. Just leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Even if you just have general tech questions but don't plan on buying anything, we do not mind messaging back and answering anything you have to ask!

Also, check our Custom Orders section first to see if there are any builds ready to ship that meet your needs. These take less time to ship out and may be what you're looking for in your next build.

The team (we use code names):

Valstorm (Founder and CEO): President of DCSC, anything built and sold from Valstorm begins with the code "VAL" followed by a number. He has worked with computers since March of 2016 with a $3,500 build and has since led the business by building and selling high-grade computers built by hand.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (as stated 5 seconds ago). We'll do our best to give you a computer buying experience that disgraces other companies!

Also, while we don't offer warranties, each individual part comes from the factory with a warranty. That being said, we also do NOT cover shipping for technical work. This is in part because we use high-grade components (and proper handling should result in a computer that lasts several years), but also because Dwarven Custom Specialty Computers is a small business run and managed by one person (though it is possible for multiple people to join the team). Therefore, offering extended warranties or free shipping for technical work is outside of what we can offer while keeping prices competitive and reasonable.

(Legal Disclaimer: Dwarven Custom Specialty Computers does not take responsibility for damages to electronics caused by improper handling. Upon purchase, customer assumes all risks associated with handling computer towers. Customer assumes all risks when handling with the inside of any tower. Due to Dwarven Custom Specialty Computers not having any warranties, none will be violated if the end user chooses to modify a computer tower in the future, though removing certain stickers from products can violate an individual part's warranty. All sales are final and we do not issue refunds. Please be certain of which product you want before proceeding with a purchase. Any disputes will be settled by arbitration.)