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Add in a little wifi into your life. Add this in before checkout to give your tower wifi capabilities. Keep in mind this is 150mbps wifi, great for streaming video and doing everyday tasks when you can't wire your tower to your router. Wired is faster, but more cluttered.

By default, we start off with 150N wifi, but you can select what kind of wifi you want below! The higher the number, generally the better the wifi (until your router can't handle any faster). Usually wifi caps at 400mbps for regular 2.4GHz routers, but dual-band can get you to 866mbps, and tri-band...well...likely 1.3gbps, though that's only speculation.

Note: Does not ship individually, this only applies when you order this with a tower. So add this into your cart with your tower and we'll throw this card in!

Note 2: If you're not sure what to pick, N150 (default) is good enough for most people, N300 is for people who want high speed, and AC1300 is recommended for wifi gaming. AC3100 is if you have no sanity remaining.

Note 3: Actual manufacturer may vary depending upon price, but they'll all achieve the same speed.

Note 4: The AC3100 doesn't actually have antennas that hang out of the back of the tower like the other options. It actually uses a quad-antenna setup that looks like it's own mini-router. Because sheer wireless power cannot be contained and must demand its own space! Please note that this option is almost pointless without a tri-band router. Really, the AC1900 and AC3100 are bottlenecked without tri-band routers. Also the AC1900 comes with a tri-antenna setup similar to the AC3100, but that is much more expensive at a total of $100, so for an extra $20, it'd be best to go for the AC3100. But if the AC1900 with it's own standing antenna, then let us know and we'll add that option to "extra add-ons".

Note 5: All AC cards achieve 866.7mbps, but higher end models can go higher with tri-band routers, and may have higher range than other cards/stronger connection over longer distances.

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