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The desktop for those on a budget. Utilizing a strictly low price point, modern hardware, and powerful integrated graphics, you can work, lightly game, do assignments, and check your bank statements easily. Thanks to Linux, you'll be able to download lots of games for free on their community "app store". It runs like Windows 7, but much faster thanks to the light OS (it uses few resources). This PC is not one to miss out on, especially if you want a reasonably powerful system for a low price!

1) Rosewill SCM-01 mATX case
2) Intel Celeron G4900 processor
3) ASRock H310M-HDV motherboard
4) 4GB Patriot Viper DDR4 memory (1x4GB), 2400MHz
5) 160GB hard drive, refurbished (320GB option below for more storage!)
6) EVGA 400 Watt power supply
7) Linux OS (we'll use Mint xfce, since it's very similar to Windows 7!)

Below is a breakdown of each operating system function, and what you can expect from them (product options available if you'd like to switch operating systems. Pick whatever seems like a best fit for you!)

Black Lab: Ease of use and many features. Great for anyone who wants a "jack of all trades" kind of system.
lxde: Basically Windows 7 added in with Mint's home screen.

Debian Jessie: Functions almost identically to Apple, best for Apple users.

Fedora: Imagine Apple's appearance had a child with Windows Vista's functionality. Then modernize it. That's Fedora.

Mageia: Functions like a futuristic Windows XP.

Mint: Functions like Windows 7
KDE: Windows 8, kinda. It's like a more Linux-y version of Windows 7 with smartphone apps. Which is basically Windows 8.
xfce: Like Mint, but more Windows 7. All the Windows 7!

Sabayon MATE-Upside down Windows 7. Fun to use.

Ubuntu: Easy to use, very stable OS.
EduBuntu-For younger students, geared for education.
Kubuntu-Very technical version of Sabayon KDE (Sabayon KDE is kind of like Mint KDE). Also, very colorful and joyful.
Lubuntu-An exact copy of Windows 7.
MATE-has something for everyone, takes a bit of time (not much) to get used to.
Mythbuntu-Multimedia, for those who love TV!
Studio-For media creators, like photographers.
Xubuntu-Feels like Apple, but bright blue colors and more customization options. People who like customizing but like Apple (Like tech-heads who use Apple) will love this OS!

$262.50 inc. tax

$250.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United States.

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