Unique Towers

All of these computers are unique in their own way. Each tower here has their own quirk that won't let the tower be filed under any other category on the site. We made these towers to show the level of uniqueness we can work with.

Valkyrie: This tower is an RGB overload that is well-balanced, and is basically a more budget version of Odin. It is smaller and more reasonable that Odin is. It will still do almost anything you need it to, including some 4K gaming.

Odin: A build focused on being future-proof and futuristic in appearance. Beautiful, RGB-inspired, and the kind of build you'd put in a spaceship. This build can do anything. ANYTHING. Pricey, but breath-taking. Oh, and this case is very big, so make some room for it. Basically it is functional eye-candy.
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