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This is the place to go when you want a surprise desktop without knowing the specs (or caring about them). If you just want to throw money at your new system and let us pick out what's best for you, this is the place to be. It would help us out to message us with what you want your system for ("I need this for office work", "I need this for gaming", "I wanna stream on Twitch and play Fortnite at 60fps at 1080P for under $50" (by the way that's too low of a budget for that kind of setup), "I just need this for personal use", "I just want my computer to read my books to me, and in my downtime watch videos (BTW this falls under personal use)")

Overall a great option if you have a specific budget and need a system that works. And does computer things.

IMPORTANT: After adjusting your budget, the pricing at the very bottom is the budget we will use for your system. This is because tax is a thing that exists. The bold price is what you'll pay, the number below that (not in bold and in smaller font) is the budget we will use. All prices include free shipping. Keep in mind that the price you set with the price adjustment menus below will NOT reflect the budget. The budget will be lower than the price you set (though not by much).

Recommended MINIMUM budgets for various builds (Minimum means you're looking at resolution downscaling and/or lag, but they would accomplish these goals):

Personal Use: $100

Gaming: $250

Streaming AND Gaming: $700 (Keep in mind this pricing is BECAUSE I would need to build a new system and not just refurbish an old one, since most Dell and HP systems do not have enough cores to manage the stress of gaming AND streaming, despite a low-profile GPU being installed)

Photography: $150

Video Editing: $400

3-D Animation: (See Hywelbane under "Hobby" towers) ~$1400 (Yes, this is the minimum we recommend if you plan on doing 3D animations like you see from Dreamworks or Rooster Teeth. And obviously your system will not be capable of doing this level of animation because those studios use entire teams of overpriced and overpowered systems. So there ya go. If you want that level of 4K animation, you're looking at about $10,000 at LEAST).

The Best System with the Best Parts ever made: ~$20,000 (This uses the best setup possible. In terms of raw power and sheer numbers, this would include the best parts. Obviously towers like Ragnarok would beat it in gaming performance since they were designed for that use. However this tower would likely just be really powerful. For what? Probably artificial intelligence, in all honesty.)

If we missed something, please let us know by contacting us and we'll add the minimum price tag for any system type you need!

Note: Any price point over $40,000 would just be a donation, since $40,000 is the cap on computer hardware. To be clear, this is because at that point, your system would be stuffed with so much hardware that it can barely handle, that it would be impossible AND impractical to put anything else into it. Even the most pricey motherboard can only handle so many storage drives, so many PCIe expansion cards, so many RAM slots. Basically at that point your system would grind to a halt if anything else was forcibly shoved in the tower.

Note 2: The $100 price incriment section starts at $200 because $100 is already in the price. As stated earlier, whatever you set the price point to is what we will use to assemble your system.
$105.00 inc. tax

$100.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United States.

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