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This absolute beast of a system makes no sense because of how powerful it is. For gaming, this is the bleeding-edge of power. Overpriced*, overpowered, and over-RGBed (is that a word? Well now it is!) With high CPU speed and high core count, you're sacrificing nothing. Ragnarok also delivers the best in graphics: The legendary RTX 2080TI. We also snagged Intel's latest i9 CPU, their Core i9-9900K. We stuck a gigantic RGB radiator to an AIO liquid cooler to it too. With over 6TB of storage, this machine can do it all. So fire this machine up and show your foes their demise. We think Ragnarok is a fitting name, since in mythology, Ragnarok is the name for (summarized) the end of the Norse gods.**

1) Cougar Panzer EVO RGB Full ATX Tower (This is a really big computer FYI)
2) Intel Core i9-9900K
3) Cooler: Cooler Master ML360R RGB cooler with addressable RGB fans***
4) MSI MPG Edge Z390 Gaming Motherboard (This has AC wifi)
5) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM
6) WD Black M.2 SSD 500GB (x2 in RAID 0)*+ cooled by EKWB heatsinks
7) Seagate BarraCuda 6TB HDD
9) EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2 80+ Platinum 1200W power supply (with a 10 year warranty)
10) Windows 10 Pro, Licensed

Below is a lot of reading. But if you're prepared to drop nearly four grand on a gaming system, you're gonna want to spend a little under 10 minutes reading about your system.

*Yes we are asking a lot for this system, but we are putting a lot into this system. You can adjust the price a little via product options below. Though realistically speaking, your price point is probably aimed better at Fenrir or Tyr if you're thinking about butter-smooth 4K gaming and you're not living in a mansion.

**Please note that buying Ragnarok will not make you a literal god-killer. Unless you're playing a game like "The Elder Scrolls". Then by all means, tell Dagoth Ur I said "hi".

***if you like pretty lights, you want this. Badly. Really badly. Trust me. If you don't like pretty lights or just don't care that much, you can turn off the light show. Still helps to have it on hand to amuse neighbors or moths.

*+ We used a plus because using too many asterisks was getting confusing. This is the same SSD used in Fenrir, but half the capacity. But we used two of them. We configured them in RAID0, which lets them act as one drive in unison. So they'll have the same size as Fenrir, despite being two drives as opposed to one. This gives them a very distinct speed advantage over durability. Which should not be a problem, assuming you don't treat them as workload drives and try editing 4K video off of them (that's what Hywelbane is for) or anything insane like that. You have a 6TB hard drive in this system, which can handle saving and deleting of files much better than the two SSDs can (if we're talking about lifespan).

**+ Yes you can change out the graphics card below, and we laid out the descriptions if you'd like a little detail on the differences between each GPU and which one you should pick...and/or why. The default IS the Zotac SPECTRA, but there are variations based upon different things you may be looking for, like aesthetics (how the graphics card looks), performance, price, longevity, description, and so forth.

Zotac SPECTRA: With a solid price, the Zotac SPECTRA eats up a decent amount of power to give you Nvidia's latest and greatest RTX power. It also lights up rainbow on the top (see images) to give you a mini-RGB light show while you're gaming. Its performance is solid, it looks nice, and it's pretty large. With three fans that AMP up (it has AMP written on the box), this GPU can stay cool even under load, giving you steady performance.

MSI Duke OC: Cheapter than the SPECTRA, the Duke still looks really nice. With an RGB bar on the top, the Duke will deliver performance at "godzilla" performance, according to reviews. If you're looking to save a couple hundred dollars, go with the Duke. Its heatsink isn't as long, but that won't likely affect your gameplay in any noticable way, unless you're trying to compete with Walt Disney's 3-D film division.

MSI Gaming X Trio: This graphics card is just like the Duke, but it just has an aesthetic change. It has more flashy plastic lights and a sharper design. It also costs a little more.

MSI Ventus OC: The Ventus is a white GPU with two fans, a complete contrast to the others. The implication here is that it makes this GPU less able to dissipate heat. Honestly we don't own TimeSpy or any "good" benchmarks, but we CAN say that a dual-fan GPU like this one weighs less, if that helps your purchase decision at all. It still eats up the same power as the others though. It looks really nice though. According to the site, the Ventus is supposed to be great at heat dissipation to compensate for its size. Honestly with the size of the case (the Cougar Panzer) this isn't really a viable option. Not to mention the color is going to clash. But hey, option is here!

MSI Sea Hawk X: The most expension RTX 2080Ti we offer, this GPU is RTX...with 11GB...of GDDR6...AND IT IS HYBRID COOLED. In English, this GPU will almost NEVER overheat. Utilizing a combination of liquid-cooling and air-cooling, this graphics card will let you push your gaming to new bounds and won't slow or throttle, keeping you moving at 100% no matter what is thrown your way. New game? Bring it. New scene? Hit me. Video rendering? Come at me. Benchmarks? No sweat. Virtual reality for 4 people at the same time? Okay that might be interesting, let us know how that goes. Seriously, we're interested. Our dwarves don't have room for VR with all the smithing and ale brewery equipment we have lying around. (Note: We'll likely install the radiator in the back of the case)

$3,990.00 inc. tax

$3,800.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United States.

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