Prebuilds/Presets (Start here)

All items here are for reference, but can still be purchased. All prebuilds have pre-determined parts for either the best performance or the best price. These take a few days to assemble before shipping out, so keep that in mind when buying an item.

Editing/Hobby Towers: For people who use their towers for hobbies of some sort, like photography or video editing!

Business Towers: For entrepreneurs, small businesses, large businesses, why go for boring little towers that slow in a year when you can get these powerful beasts?

Multiple Use/Family Towers: Computers for multiple users. Designed for people who want one computer that everyone can use. Has the parts for any use!

Gaming Towers: Self-explanatory, these are gaming towers, from budget systems under $450 to 4K behemoths for over $3,000. Gaming for any budget and almost any need!

Personal Towers: For the everyday person who needs nothing fancy but is completely tired of being ripped-off by large corporations and would rather support a small company and get something of higher quality. Oh and much faster too.
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