Personal Towers

Personal towers are great for novice tech users who just want a functioning and well-built computer with nothing insane. Get something reliable, dependable, hard-working, and fast at a price you can afford!

Due to the descriptions exceeding the character limit, we'll just say that performance, storage, and speed all increase the more you spend. Baldr is a basic build that does what you need it to do with decent specs, and doesn't kill your bank. Frigga is comparable in power and speed to Arsene, but doesn't look as pretty and doesn't have decent gaming potential. Arsene is an insanely fast build for those who want a personal PC that starts up in seconds...every single time. And games. Arsene can run games. Arsene's Tribulations amps that up even more, using a better processor, more storage, and rapid M.2 speeds. Semper Fidelis is built with durability and longevity in mind, making sure your data is mirrored on two drives, so if one fails, your data is still safe! UFO is so insane, it probably won't even work.

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