Personal Towers

Personal towers are great for novice tech users who just want a functioning and well-built computer with nothing insane. Get something reliable, dependable, hard-working, and fast at a price you can afford!

Due to the descriptions exceeding the character limit, we'll just say that performance, storage, and speed all increase the more you go up. Viking is a super-budget-strict build that nets us no gain financially. Baldr is a basic build that does what you need it to do with decent specs, and doesn't kill your bank. Arsene is an insanely fast build for those who want a personal PC that starts up in seconds...every single time. Arsene's Tribulations amps that up even more, using a better processor, more storage, and rapid M.2 speeds. Seraph is an overkill system for the average user, and looks amazingly gorgeous. Semper Fidelis donates $50 to help military veterans while being built with durability and longevity in mind.

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