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This is the tower for high-end video editing. Featuring a full-ATX case, this tower decimates the others. Make no mistake, this computer tower is HUGE! I almost named it Nightwing, but DC comics took that already. This tower contains one of Ryzen's best processors, 16GB of RAM (at high frequency), all SSD storage with no hard drives, and a decent power supply, getting anything else for editing would be pitiful.

1) NZXT Source 530 Full ATX case
2) AMD Ryzen R7 1700
3) Gigabyte GA-AB350-GAMING-3 motherboard
4) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM @ 3000MHz
5) Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD, 512GB
6) Crucial MX500 1TB SATA 3 SSD
7) Nvidia Quadro P-series GPU (By default, the lowest-end P400 is selected, but if you plan on doing higher-end video editing, like 4K, you can select below to up the GPU to something more powerful)
8) EVGA 600W B1 Bronze power supply (can be upgraded)
9) Windows 10 Pro, Licensed

Note: While pricey, using solid state drives (which are significantly more expensive than hard drives) and an 8 core/16 thread processor are both necessary to achieve powerful editing capabilities. Video rendering will go unhinged with this tower! However, if you want video editing on a tighter budget, feel free to contact us and we will make something work for you! Also, if you need to archive your videos on a hard drive, be sure to go to the add-ons tab and throw in an HDD that works for you.

Note 2: The first photo is not the end product, just a full photo of the case with other parts inside.

Note 3: You can elect to have a third-party heat sink installed for overclocking the processor. You'll get the stock cooler thrown in as a backup, just in case you need to install a cooler in the 0.000001% chance the heat sink fails. Heat sinks lower CPU temperature by absorbing heat better and dissipating it more efficiently. They'll let you keep the CPU from thermal throttling (where the processor slows down so it doesn't overheat).

Note 4: Upgrading your CPU results in different thermal solutions. For example, we will use the FSP heat sink with the Ryzen 7 1700X and 1800X, and we use the Enermax LIQTECH TR4 280MM AIO liquid cooler for all Threadripper processors. The price jump from 1700 to 1700X incorporates the FSP heat sink into the pricing. The jump from 1800X to the TR4 1900X incorporates the liquid cooler and the new motherboard, the X399 Designare EX from Gigabyte!

Note 5: We recommend upgrading your PSU to the 850W upon getting the M4000 graphics card, and getting the 1000W option if you're using a threadripper processor (1900X and up). The 1200 watt option is there so you can have your system last longer and let the power supply run cooler.
Nvidia Quadro P400: A 2GB video card specifically engineered for editing videos and rendering graphics. Need to create 3D models? This will (slowly) render those models you need. It's a price-friendly workstation GPU, and you can even use it to game lightly!

Nvidia Quadro P600: Just like the P400 but with double the memory bus width. Also you can hook up more monitors to it. Basically a slightly upgraded GPU.

Nvidia Quadro P1000: With double the VRAM (4GB), this GPU will let you not only game to your heart's content, but you'll handle 3D rendering and video editing like a hot knife through warm ice cream. Using Nvidia's Pascal architecture, you'll easily edit and create at an affordable price. Any higher end GPUs past this point and we recommend getting a higher-end processor.

Nvidia Quadro M4000: With over double the speed of the P1000, and double the VRAM at 8GB, this GPU means business. You'll 4K edit and create animations in 3D that can look life-like. This is the best (and recommended) GPU for creators that will stand the test of stress and prove that Nvidia is one of the best for creating videos.

Nvidia Quadro P4000: This is basically a pascal version of the M4000, making it more power efficient. Past this GPU and we recommend switching to Threadripper processors (available as a product option below).

Nvidia Quadro P5000: Going from a 1 PCIe slot to 2 slot, this beefy GPU may be pricey, but at 16GB of GDDR5X memory and a bus width of 256, this is the GPU for those that are serious about creation. If you make a great living off 4K video editing or creating animations in 3D (at 4K or lower), this is the GPU for you. This will future-proof your system and deliver what no other workstation can achieve!

Nvidia Quadro P6000: The best GPU we can offer. At a whopping 24GB of GDDR5X memory, 384 bits of bus width, and 12 TFLOPS of performance (A performance equal to the Titan XP, a gamer's dream GPU) you will future-proof your workstation and probably edit videos or 3D render at 8K resolution (if a bit laggy). We recommend pairing this with the Threadripper 1950X.
$1,456.00 inc. tax

$1,400.00 ex. tax
? Tax based on United States.

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