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Extra case fans

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Get fans installed into your system! This option adds on up to 4 case fans onto your system. Add this into your cart during checkout to receive extra fans onto your system. This will improve cooling and sometimes extends the life of your tower by a small margin. Adds noise (though usually not by much). The technician will determine how to install the fans to promote the best airflow for the best lifespan of your system. One fan upgrade applies to one system, so multiple towers will require an equal number of fan upgrades should you want fan upgrades on those systems.

LED fans are available as a product option below (like the one pictured). While price is doubled, the fans purchased will light-up the color of your tower even more. They are also better at airflow and cooling, so the LED option is advised for systems that are going to be pushed as hard as possible. Regular fans are advised for those who want extra life on their build and just want the tower to be able to push out more hot air and take in more cool air.

Magnetic Levitation uses beautiful LED lighting and superior air flow to deliver quiet noise and impressive cooling (or no LED at all if it doesn't go anywhere crucial). These are the best fans we could find (performance-wise). As opposed to the other two options, which include 4 fans in each order, this option only delivers 1 fan per order, due to how well-constructed they are. Recommended for processor heat sinks and and crucial areas of the system where optimal airflow is a must. The technician will determine the best placement for the fans (assuming you only add in one or two ML fans) to keep your system's lifespan at its highest! Note that these also have LED lights and come in nearly any color, or no LEDs at all (see below).

C.L.L. (Corsair Light Loop) fans are priced at $40 PER FAN, making them the most expensive option available, however they look amazing. Not only are they well-constructed, but thanks to 16 separate LEDs per fan, you get fans that can have an adjusted "pattern" to their glow, making your next setup an RGB-LED dreamscape, so to speak.

As a final note, keeping your computer room cooler by even 4 degrees Fahrenheit (about 2 Celsius, assuming 70F is room temperature) will increase computer life substantially! Also removing the side panel and using a can of air to blow out excessive dust is a great way to keep your tower alive even longer. Really. If you had a desktop for over two years, open it up, you'll find dust sticking to various fans and components, preventing crucial air flow.

Note: Any orders of just fans will be canceled and refunded, as we do not resell items. This item is only applied to orders where customers purchase desktops and want extra cooling. Lastly, if you are unsure if your tower can take extra fans, please let us know before you purchase and we'll send you an email saying yes or no!
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