Extra add-ons

Here, you can purchase small things to throw in for your tower. These are typically things that people really like or need that don't cost too much, and they all work flawlessly. Bear in mind for these to be added into your tower, you must have them in your cart with the build you choose before checkout. There are also varieties of some items, like multiple kinds of wifi for the wifi card upgrade, or different storage drive capacities, so be sure to look carefully and see what you like! (Basically you'd come here to modify your selected build a bit. Even if it is a custom build, if you have upgrade needs right before checkout and they're last minute, you can check here to see if we offer it. All items are about market price)

If you just need an extra item and not a tower, let us know. We have limited space on this site to host items, so we can set up a custom order here for you with the items you need plus shipping. Though the shipping will be about $10 or so, maybe $15.
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