Editing/Hobby Towers

Whether your job demands editing something of some sort, or it's just your hobby, this is the section to check out. Towers here are designed for editing files or fulfilling your hobby. If a tower here does not match your wants, let us know and we'll set it up!

Cinquedea Reborn: A photographer's dream PC, this can take nearly any kind of media, read it, then lets you use basic software to get your photos perfected. Since it is reborn, it uses new hardware that will give you an edge in your tasks, such as Intel's 8th Gen processor!

Heimdallr: For those who want to stream a podcast or their gaming session to Twitch or YouTube (or really any other site), this is the PC for you! You can use the base model to run a 4K monitor and get your thoughts on the web, or upgrade the graphics card to do high-end 1080P gaming and stream it for your viewers. Wanna game and talk about random stuff with your friends? This system can do that too!

Hywelbane: Video editing PC with an overpowered processor for people who mean business when it comes to video editing. Export your rendered video to the internal SSD, then move it to the hard drive when rendering is completed!
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