Business Towers

Designed for businesses, both small and large, to give you what you need at a price you can afford. Why go for large corporations who will price-gouge you for towers that will lag and stall when you can get next-generation hardware?

Durendal: The ethernet-needing rig with a small-capacity hard drive for mass use by employees. Has newer components, and high-end specs for all your work needs.

Excalibur: A beautiful business rig, this is small and compact, and somewhat light (for a fully-functional computer built from high-grade metals). This has wifi, an Intel core i3 8th Gen, over 2TB of storage, and looks great on any modern desk. Oh and it also will kick any other computer's butt.

Note: This page isn't for businesses looking for a low-cost tower. These actually have power. And performance. That outmatches all others.
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