Welcome to Dwarven Custom Specialty Computers

Welcome Ta DCSC!

This be tha website ta go ta if ye need a fully customized desktop computer at a relatively low price!
^This is Dwarven speak^

Gaming, personal use, family use, businesses, streaming...there are many people who can use a computer for one reason or another. So why not get a system that excels the corporate towers? With us, not only do you contact the CEO DIRECTLY, but you also get something other companies don't offer (like pretty LED lights. See "Arsene's Tribulation" for pretty lights!) Or save a lot of money on things they might be able to offer.

Go ahead, look through the site and see if there's a build you like! We have different sections for everyone of all needs! There's also the "Ready to ship PCs" section that has completed builds called "Specialty builds", which are ready-to-ship desktops with a specific purpose and use (usually gaming) that help directly support the builders of the towers. DCSC is not a sole corporation with employees, but rather a lot of computer enthusiasts and builders who are everyday people and want to deliver great towers and help make living a bit easier on themselves. So we urge you to check those out to see if they meet your needs! If not, check out the other "Prebuilds/Presets" section to see if any tower is appeasing. Those are for customers who don't know part-for-part what they want, but desire the function in the item description. So there is something for everybody!

Submit any custom build requests or questions into the "contact" page and the CEO will get back to you shortly!

(Please note that any payments used via PayPal need to be processed before any items are purchased, so it may take an extra 3-4 days before we can get started on your system.)